April 23th- The Would-be 35th Birthday of Timothy James McVeigh
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April 23rd (Would You Be?)

Would you be smiling if you were here today?
Would you observing your birthday in happy way?
Would you look with glee at this special day?
Or would it simply remind you of why you ran away?
Why you wanted to leave the world in which you once ran so free?
Would you remember fondly how you used to bask in nature's glow?
Out in the woods of New York, those many years ago?
Or how life used to be so carefree, before the coldness of society turned it to a shade of ugly?
But, my dear, I'm afraid we'll never know how you'd react to the feelings such a day brings
For you are not here to see it this year
And that's a cold reality that stings..:*(

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April 23, 2003
This would be the 35th birthday of Timothy James McVeigh. What would he be doing on this occasion if he were still here? One can only speculate. Of course, the sad reality is that he'd likely be spending it behind bars, that is, if he still were to have done the bombing. What if he hadn't of, you might ask? Again, it is anyone's guess..perhaps he'd have found a career he really liked after all, or perhaps even a wife and/or a family of his own? Hell, he was so politically apt, maybe he'd pursue office, even though I don't think he'd fit in...him with his real grassroots genuine convictions and the majority of them with their scandals of sex and money (haha ;)....Again, one can never know. But all I know is that it is a real pity that he is not here to observe this event (:*(). I hope he is in a better place now and can feel the joy there he never seemed able to get on Earth....:*(


Timmy (at approx. age 2) with his sister, Patty