Timothy McVeigh- A Photo Gallery of a Tragically Short Life..
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Photos from various stages of Tim's life
I obtained these photos from various places on the Internet, namely via search engines, like Google, for example. These images are public and therefore up for free access. Feel free to get photos from here if you wish..they are public. :) There are many more, and I plan to put more up soon, but here is for now. Enjoy:)

Timmy McVeigh..circa 1974

Tim and his sister, Jennifer..circa 1985

Tim after the 1991 Persian Gulf War

Tim's Army yearbook photo..circa 1988

The Infamously Media-Exploited "Perp Walk"..April 21, 1995

Timothy and with his lawyers Stephen Jones and Robert Nigh, June 1995

Court Sketch of Tim..1997

Another picture from the same set as the one with him and his lawyers

Larger view

Tim during his 60 Minutes Intverview With Ed Bradley..3/12/00

60 Minutes

60 Minutes

Tim In Time Magazine Photo Shoot..1997

Tim Laughing with His lawyers..June 1995

Animated Photo from Time Photo Shoot

Tim in June 1995

I think this is from that same photo shoot..but I am not sure

Tim as a Child

Timothy and Jennifer

Timothy McVeigh and Ed Bradley During his 2000 60 Minutes Interview

Timothy on Death Row..I believe this photo was taken anywhere from 1999-2001, but I am not sure..it appeared in 2001's "American Terrorist" first I believe..

Timothy during a session with his lawyers

Sgt. Timothy J. McVeigh in his dress uniform