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"Unconquerable Soul"

Unconquerable soul

Never loses control

Timothy fits this mold

He had a perfect hold on his convictions

Fits the descriptions

Of a true hero

Made the Gov.'s point zero

*~If Only*~ :*(

If only you were still here
To be able to further jeer
at misjustice...

If only they hadn't taken you
On that cold June day
Causing the eyes of those
Who love you to burn and tear away...

If only you could've been consoled
About the horrors of the Gulf War
Then maybe you wouldn't have had to hurt anymore....

If only they had realised
Their terrible wrongs
Recognized you as a hero
And made you feel you belonged...

If only our world wasn't such a pitiful mess..

If only great people like you didn't get less and less...


Its sickening
How dense people can be
How villians are made
Out of patriots like Timothy

Why cant people ever accept
The being of those who are different
Why do they have to be so ignorant, so damn arrogant

The US is demolished
Liberty is all but abolished
Bloodthirst and greed are the principals of the land

Plastic people are so feeble
Their brains need elastic
No wonder things like Columbine happened
Motivation can make a soul drastic

Whats it gonna take to open peoples eyes??
Their minds have no windows; their consciences no spies

Cry Me a River

Cry me a river

Build me a bridge

Maybe OKC wouldnt have happened

If there were no Waco or Ruby Ridge

The US can dish it out

Yet they cannot take it

Politicians are full of shit

To win voters, they gotta fake it

Capital Punishment is the law of the land

Then why isnt it ok for all the other killers to have a free hand??

Whatever happened to the Constitution?

Why cant more see the Government's pollution??

Timothy had the right solution

He made fools out of the FBI

This society is one big lie

Why do the good have to die?

April 19 (I composed this one a year ago, so that explains the off-date references ;))

April 19

A date to remember

Not just cuz it effects a group of maggots who try to suck money from the folks of September

7 years ago today, the world got its first message from Timothy McVeigh

Its a message cretins choose to ignore; its much easier to sit back and become a mediawhore

But theres another signifcance to this date

One no group of bloodthristy cowards can ever erase

9 years ago today, the Government slaughtered a group of worshippers who dared to differ from society

The Government let them burn without a care; No trace of conscience did the evil squad bare

They just sat there....

Cry all you want over 9/11 and OKC

But the real truth is what you do not acknowledge

The Nation is fed media bullshit; the majority lacks any real knowledge...

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy

Category is Okies

Its never enough for these goons

These professional victims swoon over death

They even make bets on who will get to go to the death house

They pretend to be courageous, but have the courage of a mouse

Tim wasnt enough, now they want Terry

Damn, this abuse of the Constitution is getting downright scary!!

Birth of a Patriot- April 23, 1968

On April 23, 1968

a great man entered the world

a soul guided by convictions

incomparable beyond description

On that cold day in Lockport

A beautiful baby boy was greeted

But little did anyone know that with him would come a message that would go undefeated

He let his standards guide him down a steady, yet bumpy path

He alone had the courage to stand up to tyrannical wrath

He stood an unfair trial, he was harshly sentence

Yet he battled on without repentance

With the righeteous flame that burns inside him

and in the hearts of all good people

He was thrashed upon, hated

But I to him relate and related

Don't Understand

If you don't understand the way I think

Then close your mouth; my convictions you won't sink

If you can't accept the way I feel

Then stay out of my life; I'm sick of your squeal

I'm well aware that my views aren't that of the "Majority"

But that won't ever take away my security

For I'd rather be alone in enlightment than a clone in stupidity

I Love Tim McVeigh!

I love the freedom fighter

I love the thousand yard stare

I love brutal honesty

I love convictions without fickle cares

I love strong, folded hands in the courtroom

I love American Terrorist

I love tremendous quotes

I love the one-in-a-billion guy

I love the revolutionary

I love the 60 Minutes Interview

I love the handsome smile

I love the soldier who went the extra mile

I love his bravery, not a minute too late

I love the man who surely entered heavens gate

I love Tim McVeigh!

You Are Inspiration

You are inspiration at its finest

My love for you is beyond the best definition

Your wisdom is far beyond your years

Your footsteps have been attempted to be traced by many

And with your death came many tears

Yet, admist all this turmoil, you had no fears..

None that you displayed anyhow

For you knew that a crusade needs not to be a cherade

Of crocodile tears and expected sympathy

You battled on with your convictions in full throttle

Without bowing down

You are Inspiration

A kind of timeless soul

Upon whos painting upon existance years and fake tears can never smear

You are a rare one, irreplacable

You are bravery without disgrace

A rarity among the human race

You are inspiration

You Don't Know

You Don't Know

The man behind the myth

The patriot behind the defendant

You Don't know

the things he had to go through

The journey he traveled, mostly alone

You Don't know

The strength of his convictions

That were held in the honor of the fmr state of the land he once was proud to call home

You don't know

Saw the World Differently

Timothy, hmm, let's see,,

What makes him different from "you and me"?

He saw the world differently

He didn't take spoonfed propoganda shit

He saw the truth and that was it

June 11- A Tragic Anniversary (Written for June 11, 2002)

Today marks your 1st anniversary behind Heaven's Gate

Where you are sheltered from the Earth's majority hate

It also marks a year since your state approved murder

An act of hypocrites with bloodlust in their hearts

They stole you away from your family and friends

This anniversary doesn't make less the hurt- that never ends

You live on in your message that you gave your life for

And to those who see the truth, it's you they adore

Your not gone to us, you're forever in our hearts

So, rest and have peace, your message will never be lost

But missing you is a terrible cost....

Hypocritical Tool

Some say DP is a tool
To instruct criminals that their actions are wrong
But if you believe that, I'm sorry to say you're a fool..

If you support Dp, you better hope your child never kills anyone

For if it were your child instead of Mickey McVeigh's, June 11 would no longer be "fun"

DP is killing, bloodthirstily so

It is a terrible offering to victims families to "absolve their woe"

This kind of punishment is not the answer, it only encourages more killing

And an "easy way out" to those who are willing

It solves nothing, only makes more loss

And a false sense of us humans being the boss

The only true "boss" is God, the Father Almighty

Why can't more people see that this "tool" is by no means tidy????

Like A Princess (A possible opinion of Tim's situation with Andrea Peters, the girl with whom he fell in love, but did not love him back in that reguard..:()

He treated her
Like a Princess
His love he did confess
Much to her duress
She pushed him aside
Like she had something to hide
She said she just wanted to be friends
But his feelings for her had tighter ends
He tried his best to woo her
But she only shooed him away
She wouldnt stay
Even though he treated her
Like a Princess


Beautiful, rare
Here and there...
The blue-eyed boy, born in
Lockport on a snowy night
Lived an early youth of delight
But this turned to fright each
time his folks would fight
He needed his comics to make
it alright...
He became a hero in the Gulf
And fought for his land
But when it all went sour,
feelings changed a hand

He was the only one willing to see the truth
He spoke openly while others dodged
Protesting the wrongs the "Higher-up" had caused
He had one hope, a girl who he may well
have wished his bride
But she played mind games on him and pushed him to the side
So two years later than '93
He knew where he had to be
And three years later than '92
He did what he thought he had to do
No one could break him, no matter how hard they tried
His convictions never were pushed to the side
In his bravery, he to me has immortality...