April 19th- A Date Marked by Tragedy
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April 19th
It seems to me that this date is marked by tragedy
By actions set off by those that begate another
And cause various people to lose a sister, a brother..
But not always just the people on that day
Take the example of the family McVeigh..
The Government was the first to light the fuse
When they ignored the rights of the ones they chose to abuse
This set off the event two years later
That caused the tear amount to grow ever greater
Thus induced an excuse to make an example of the young guy involved
And with his state-induced murder, the hypocrites thought the matter to be resolved
But you and I know that this is not the case
For hate with hate ties tighter the lace.....

April 19th 1993/1995- My Insights
April 19th. Where do I begin? How did a simple day in spring turn out to be the historical equivalent of Friday the 13th? How did the flowers and birds turn into fire and tears?

I'll tell you how and in doing so, I will also be demonstrating a pattern.. a circle. A circle that began with that dark day in 1993 when the Government took their apparent disdain for anyone differing from the likes of them a notch way too far. They chose to make an example out of a group of religious people and get away with it by using the excuse that it's "leader", David Koresh, was a lunatic that sexually assaulted children. How very convient that all this came out after David was dead and obviously could not defend himself. Propoganda is what separated Janet Reno, the then attorney general who ordered the raid on the Branch Davidian Complex, and the cold prison cell that has greeted thousands of people convicted of "lesser things". Society, in general, appears to be very easily swayed. The Government knows this and milked the cow dry with it when they dismissed the Branch Davidians, 86 of whom were burned alive for 6 hours before their death, as basically wackos who deserved it. Never mind the fact that many of them were children and women..It is my belief that this propoganda is what lead an element of the American public to ignore the tanks rammning into the compund and believe that the Government was innocent in the matter..

But one man did not believe that. That man was Timothy James McVeigh, the man of this site. He could see right through the Government's web of lies and after many tears of his were shed, set out to "do something about it". That something was, of course, the key event of April 19, 1995...the Oklahoma City Bombing. Now it should be said that I do NOT condone what Timothy did..I merely open my mind to the WHY. Folks, if we cannot accept WHY something happened, then how on earth are we ever to prevent it from happening again? The Government paraded obvious injustice on a national scale and caught the attention of a man obviously very frustrated by the government as it was. So, in that sense, Timothy was not the one that first lit the fuse..the Government was. It was their piss poor example that set the ground work for the tragic event at the Murrah Building. It was the Government who chose to ignore the threat of the anniversary and keep the federal offices open the nation over..even when it was pretty apparent that a retaliation threat could've well happened that day. Yes, it was Timothy that chose to do the bombing, but where do you think he got his motive from? The Government. By way of Waco, they produced a ring of poison ivy that's bound to sting forever..:(

Remember BOTH April 19ths- Remember the Davidians as well, they were victims too...