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Hello, and welcome to my site. :) This is a site to honor the legacy of Timothy McVeigh, a man, in my view at least, who was gravely misunderstood. I do not condone WHAT he did, but rather why he did it. Plus, I oppose Capital Punishment (the atrocity which Tim sadly died under :*() totally, so my sympathy for him can be linked to that as well, but is most certainly not limited to it. Hopefully, through this site, you will realise why I've come to feel a connection to McVeigh and why he was not a "monster" after all.

Enjoy. :)

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4/18/03- This site is born:)


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4/21/03- Timothy's Photos updated and April 23rd (Tim's birthday) Section added

4/22/03- Guestbook for Timothy's Birthday section added (Use this one to leave your own dedications to him for his birthday:))

6/10/03-June 11th Memorial for Tim added (use the guestbook to leave your thoughts and condolences about this tragic anniversary)

6/11/03- Invictus page added

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Timothy McVeigh and his lawyers Robert Nigh and Stephen Jones
A smiling Timothy McVeigh, as opposed to the grim perp walk pictures the press finds fit to constantly refer to whenever his case is mentioned..